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Mamatha Makkala Mandira

Mamatha Makkala Mandira is a Voluntary Organization which works for the socio economic development of people, environment and community. 

It all started when Mr. B M Doddiah, the secretary of the organization visualized the pathetic condition of the slum children of Bangalore. The children had no opportunity for education for their abject condition. The fonder took altruistic steps to help the poor women – the mother of the childrens to get proper source of income for their economic development and better education opportunity for their children. The optimistic thought and attitude of secretary towards the women and children pave way to start something for them. 

Mamatha Makkala Mandira (MMM) a registered society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a local organization in 1990. Mamatha Makkala Mandira works both in urban and rural areas implementing various government and non government sponsored projects on health, sanitation, women empowerment, skill up gradation, income generation, watershed management, sustainable agriculture and social forestry.

Mamatha Makkala Mandira has intervened to "reach to the unreached" through "participatory learning and action" and a strategy for sustainable living by,

  1. Developing environmental sustainability among the victims of modern pace of development, deforestation, displacement and environment degradation through:

  • Community based natural resource management.
  • Capacity building for environmental management by environmental education/sensitization with the culture dimension.
  • Putting women as core care taker of environment.
  • Community based health care in the remote and unserved areas through.
  • Primary curative services and appropriate referral system.
  • Preventive and promotive care through culturally-adopted IEC/health education.
  • School health program.
  • Maintenance by local people/village health committees.
  • Popularizing traditional health practices.
  • Integrated development for sustainable livelihood for women and people living below poverty line through:
  • Orientation and creation of SHGs
  • Training for appropriate income-generating activities.

II. Elementary education to the non-school going, poor and drop-out children through: 

  • Community based curriculum framed in local idiom.

III. Training and Consultancy to SHGs on
  • Community diagnosis & need assessment.
  • Project formulation, appraisal and evaluation.
  • Management of community based health care & development projects.

Mamatha Makkala Mandira is registered under 80G, 12A, FCRA and is able to receive grants from national and international donor agencies

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Vision, Mission and 


Help establish a humane social order based on equity, freedom and justice in which human rights and the dignity of every individual is upheld.


Mamatha Makkala Mandira aims "to empower people, their families and communities regardless of cast, color, creed, religion, gender, age through raising awareness, promoting inclusion, reducing poverty, eliminating stigma, meeting basic needs and facilitating access to health, education and livelihood opportunities".

More, specifically Mamatha Makkala Mandira Aims to,

• Promoting community involvement and ownership.

• Build the capacity of communities 

• Developing and strengthening of multisectoral collaboration,

• Education and training of community members 


  • To organize women groups of both rural & urban areas for social awareness to strengthen their status in the society.
  • The promotion of education.
  • To open Nursery, Primary, High School & College.
  • To open technical and commerce institutions.
  • To open Hostels for college going Men & Women.
  • To open hostels for working women and men.
  • To print and publish books, journals on women issues and printing of          educational, health chart and posters.
  • To open medical, Vocational and social work educational institutions.
  • To initiate activities for promoting non formal, Adult & distant education.
  • To initiate computer training courses to young people for creating better employment opportunities
  • To generate resources for economical development of women.
  • To get moveable and immovable properties for the use of the association. 
  • To start and run small scale industries and cottage industries under the aid from both state & Central Governments & other Non Government organizations.
  • To involve people in environment preservation, initiating horticultural nurseries farms and plantations.
  • To initiate skill development and other skill up gradation activities for strengthening economy of largest population with a special focus on women and youth.
  • To initiate adult literacy and Non-Formal Educational activities for women of both urban and rural areas
  • To provide sustainable income to the groups, the society will also initiate sericulture and reeling activities.
  • To provide the employment, based on locally available resources, the society will also raise funds from both government and NGOs
  • To initiate community based rehabilitation & integrated educational programmes for improvement of the socio-economic & educational status of the disabled persons
  • To initiate information and guidance center for the benefit of rural and urban unemployed youths
  • To initiate activities for promoting legal aid, legal education & family counseling services to the target families.
  • To initiate a set of activities for improving the living conditions of children by fighting against the child harassment, abuse & labor.
  • To promote the system of scientific methods for seed and grain collection, initiating seed and grain bank and establishing cold storages for horticultural produces.
  • To initiate the employment generation activities locally for improvement of life status of target groups and checking their migration.
  • To identify the people with traditional skills like weaving, pottery, carpentry and handicrafts and impart training, sustain and upgrade their skills.
  • To organize youth and provide them training for different socio-economic and rural development programmes.
  • To raise grant/loans and other resources for generation of incomes and employment to the women groups.
  • To initiate various activities for promoting fodder, improved breeds of milching animals and try to get them for target families for poverty alleviation.
  • To work fpr successful implementation of nationalprogramming like primary education, immunization, Total Literacy, Polio Eradication Population Control afforestation, eradication of social evil systems and so on.
  • To initiate special programmes for rehabilitation of Devdasi system & establish special schools for their childrens
  • To undertake any other activities arising out of dependent up on necessary for execution of the objectives of the association – Mamatha Makkala Mandira

President Says

Dear Friends, 

Our 2013 - 2014 fiscal year saw major progress in bringing life-changing programs and experiences to more beneficiaries and building long-term financial capacity. 

We targeted four priorities: 

1. Support community growth planning; 

2. Build fundraising and financial strength; 

3. Develop an outcomes measurement system; and 

4. Expand the organization’s capabilities. 

I’m pleased to report that we exceeded our goals in every area. 

We defined specific outcomes we want for our beneficiaries and environment that lead to these positive changes, selected an information system to track results, and moved far along in developing a survey measurement tool. 

These dynamic achievements were fueled by our inspiring, smart, and dedicated staffs, donors, and partners. 

Our movement is gaining speed and stakeholders. I am thankful to count you among them, and look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress in the coming year.

Thank you for your trust and generous investments in Mamatha Makkala Mandira that enable our beneficiaries to grow up prepared to achieve their dreams.

Smt Sakunthala


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Mamatha Makkala Mandira, Registered Office, Nagarbhavi, 1st Stage, Bangalore, 560072, Karnataka, Landline - 080 23502234, Mobile - 09448075055